To create human rights awareness in Africa and empower the underprivileged in society through civic education, research, publication, and follow up on Human Rights abuses across the continent of Africa.


  1. Suspect rights in Ghana
  2. Training of Trainers at the Regional level
  3. Seminars for women on Women rights and domestic abuses
  4. A day with Head Porters in Ghana
  5. Education in High Schools
  6. Research on early child marriage in the North
  7. Research and publication on the rights of women, children and people living with disabilities
  8. Create awareness of Human Rights instruments in all the sub regions of Africa

Advocate against human rights abuses of women, children and people living (PLWDs) with disabilities in society through strategic litigation and public interest action.

Strategies (Gambia) (Togo)

  1. Formation of Country Chapters
  2. Seminar on the rights of women, children and disabled in society
  3. Representing women, children and disabled whose rights have been violated
  4. Soliciting for lawyers to champion human rights litigation
  5. Seminar for people living with disabilities

Work with other international organization and affiliate involving human rights promotion and advocacy in carrying out human rights trainings, for human rights promoters across the African Continent.


  1. Build a strong relationship with the United Nations and its affiliate agencies
  2. Educate the public on human rights instruments
  3. Collaborate with other human rights promoters

To promote peaceful co-existence, respect for Fundamental Human Rights of all Africans irrespective of gender, race, colour, ethnic origin, religion, creed or social or economic or political status.


  1. Training of strategic advocate on the use of human rights instruments
  2. Integrate human rights advocacy into political activities
  3. Promotion of peaceful co-existence
  4. Institute African Women’s Day
  5. Integrate Human Rights advocacy into religious activities
  6. Involvement of students in Human Rights promotion
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