Francis – Xavier Sosu (ESQ) is a renowned Human Rights Activist and Lawyer in Ghana with passion to promote the ideals of fundamental freedoms and liberties of individuals in Ghana and all democracies in Africa. Lawyer Sosu holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) (Honors) in sociology, Bachelor of Law (LLB) (Honors), Master of Philosophy (Sociology) (Course work), and Masters of Law (LLM), Oil and Gas from the University of Ghana. Francis-Xavier Sosu began his law career at Logan & Associates where he did his pupilage and worked for 18 months before founding the F-X Law & Associates in 2012. He is currently the managing partner of F-X Law & Associates (Human Rights and Public Interest Law Firm), with five (5) partners and three (3) Associates. As a result of his humble background, Francis naturally wants to serve and fight for the vulnerable in society, the reason he chose HUMAN RIGHTS and PUBLIC INTEREST LAW as his passion. He is an ardent advocate for Human Rights, Child and Social protection and has over the years represented several 100s of wrongly detained prisoners in Ghana through the Justice for All initiative. Francis founded the Treasure of Life Foundation based in the USA and headquartered in Ghana to champion his social protection campaigns and currently the President of Youth for Human Rights Africa (YoHRA).

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