Making Human Rights Africa’s Priority; YoHRA takes the lead

The President and Management of Youth For Human Rights Africa, (YoHRA), launched the 2017 Youth Human Rights Conference dubbed; ‘’Promoting Fundamental Human Rights; A Catalyst For Socio-Economic Development in a Free and Just Society.   YoHRA is a non-governmental organization registered under the laws of Ghana. The aim of the organization is to serve as a medium to promote the observance of fundamental human rights in Africa by the use of the national, regional, African and United Nations Human Rights Instruments.   YoHRA was established through the efforts of human rights activist, Francis Xavier Sosu who was appointed Acting President when he attended the 13th Annual International Human Rights Summit.   Addressing the press today at the official launch, Programs Director of YoHRA Ken Kadah Huletey said the first meeting of the organization was held on 26th August 2016 where 13 African countries from 5 African countries namely Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Ethiopia and Liberia participated.   The vision of the organization he said has been projected to reach the entire continent of Africa, thus to establish chapters in all African countries in an effort to promote the observance of fundamental human rights of all citizens.   The core values of YoHRA  he added are respect for human rights, integrity, tolerance for diversity, promoting women, children and people living with disability rights, indiscrimination, maintaining ethical standards and accountability.   Some of the African Human Rights instruments the organization seek to promote in this regard include; African Charter and People’s Rights (Banjul Charter), Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa, Status of Women in Africa 2005, Women and Girl Victims of Sexual Violence 2007, Maternal Mortality in Africa 2008 and UN Universal Declration on Human Rights.   YoHRA he explained was inspired by work of Dr. Mary Shuttleworth who in the year 2001, founded Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) as a nonprofit organization with the aim to inspire youth to become advocates for tolerance and peace through education on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. On his part, President of YoHRA, Francis Xavier Sosu said the first ever conference will be held on December 11, 2017 in commemoration of the global Human Rights day which falls on December 10, 2017.   Human rights ambassadors he said will be selected from all the regions in Ghana, with competition s among basic schools, senior high and tertiary institutions on human rights related issues.   He said some people do not know what constitute their own fundamental human rights and those who know are afraid to demand the observance of these rights.     He said the organization through events will open up the discussion on human right issues.

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