Don’t Beg For Your Rights – Sosu

A global human rights activist and lawyer Francis-Xavier Sosu has advised the public to demand for their rights and stop begging for them.

“Do you beg politicians and people in political office to vote for them? Why then must you be begging them for the provision of things that are so fundamental and as of right like education, good health facilities, better roads and other basic social amenities,” Sosu stated in Winneba while inaugurating the Winneba University Campus Chapter of Youth for Human Rights Africa, YoHRA.

YoHRA has recently been leading the fight for the promotion and observance for fundamental rights in Africa.

Lawyer Sosu also reminded them of the challenges in choosing to fight for others, citing himself as a case study of the many inherent challenges that come with advocating for others, especially the vulnerable and marginalised.

He added that inasmuch as there are bad people in society, there are also good ones who want to ensure the right things are done at all times without fear or favour. He therefore encouraged them not to give up on the call as young ambassadors and advocates in their communities.

On his part, Dr. Harrison Kwame Golo who is also the Director of the Centre for Conflict, Human Rights and Peace Studies said that issues of human rights remain fundamental in all facets of life and crucial to building a congenial and thriving society.

Mr. David Zuure of the Centre for African Studies and patron of YoHRA-UEW was full of praise for the leadership of YoHRA-UEW chapter. He was confident the kind of leadership demonstrated by the executives is necessary for the growth of the campus chapter and assured the president and management of YoHRA to count on them in making human rights Africa’s priority. He was confident YoHRA-UEW will become the most vibrant campus chapter of YoHRA across Ghana.

YoHRA has chapters at the University of Ghana, Ghana Christian University, Ghana Institute of Journalism, and Mountcrest University.

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