We are open to share and partner with local and community based organizations to carry out the mission of YoHRA. We also welcome community leaders involved in leadership training of young people to become Human Rights Activists and Ambassadors.

Corporate Partners

We are open to collaborations and strategic partnerships with leading corporations that share our aim of promoting the observance of National, Regional, African and United Nations Human Rights Instruments through Education, Advocacy and Strategic Litigation. If you operate a business which is interested in Human Rights in Africa, you can partner us and support our operational and project budgets. You can commit most of your budget for Corporate Social Responsibility to support our annual Human Rights Magazine “Human Rights Alert”, Pan African Conference at the AU Headquarters in Adis Ababa and the various National Conferences on the International Human Rights Day. Together with our partners, we work towards making Human Right Africa’s priority whiles at the same time creating value for partners’ businesses and brands globally.

Regional/International Partners

Do you have an organization which is interested in Human Rights issues in Africa? Do you have funding for Human Rights Projects in any part of Africa? YoHRA provides an appropriate platform to reach out to any community in any African Country. Join us in Advocacy on Global issues particularly with regards to Human Rights, Corruption, and abuse of power and fundamental breaches of rights in Africa.

Individual Philanthropists

We are open to and work with individual philanthropist, family foundations, wealth advisors and donor-advised funds in collaboration with our support Foundation, Treasure of Life Foundation (TLF) to give care and support to victims and families of Human Rights abuse and violations. We build trust with donors in developing philanthropic strategies that advance the lives and conditions of victims of Human Rights abuses especially Children, Women and People Living With Disabilities (PLWDs).

Media Partners

If you are a media house with particular interest in human rights issues and violations in Africa, you can partner us for up to date information on those violations and provide us with your platform to educate the African population about their rights and responsibilities whiles at the same time exposing abuses geared towards peaceful coexistence.

Research Partners

If you are a research organization interested in Human Rights Research and papers in Africa, YOHRA provides an appropriate synergy of young African researchers into Human Rights, Corruption and Abuse of power. You can partner us and support our research work and publications.

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